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Kidepo Valley National park

Cultural Tourism in uganda

Variety of places exists in Uganda for our guests who are interested in studying the cultures of those destinations in which they have sought holidays and in Uganda the most popular cultural sites in clued the Kabaka’s trial which has a lot of cultural spots as below that guests can enjoy;

Kasubi tombs

This s a site located about 4km from  Kampala city centre on the Nabulagala hill on Kampala-Hoima road. This site was a palace of Kabaka Mutesa II and he had built it in 1882 and then later on turned as a burial ground for the Kabakas’ of Buganda after his death in 1884.

This site was gazzeted under the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organizations in 2000. Mwanga succeeded Mutesa II, he died in1903 in Seychelles white serving deportation and the body was brought for burial in 1910. Other kings buried there include Mutesa II and Daudi Chwa

The area consists of an assortment of royal regalia such as drums, spears (used for installation of kings), smoking pipes and shield (Embelum) and many others. There are also a lot of historical attractions such as a lamb from the queen of England, two chairs and a table, Leopard which was the favorite pet of the King, the first canon brought to Uganda by Stanley, the draft letters to the Kasubi Tombs and many others. Then the Nabulagala hill where a whole view of Kampala can be made and provides good scenery for the tourist. Bird watching has also been carried out in the area especially the Avi-tourists on top of the Nabulagala hills find themselves enjoy the Avi-life of the area.

Buddo-naggalabi Coronation Site

This is a traditional cultural place where the Baganda Kings are coronated. This area Naggalabi lies at the center of Buganda kingdom, it is where the ancient chief of Buganda Kintu defeated his rivals Bemba and declared himself the first Kabaka of Buganda. Because of this historical attachment up to date, all the coronations of the Kabakas of Buganda are conducted in this area.

Nakayima shrine

This is found in Mubende. This is ancient witch tree, the base of which has a large buttress roots, it is sited on top of Mubende hills about 4km out of the town. This is a 2.13m hill with a flat table top where the ancient palace once stood provides and excellent view of Mubende town and the surrounding area.

The tree is estimated about 400-500 years and it serves as a shrine of the spirits of Nakayima the first wife of the Bachwezi King Ndahura. The shrine is visited by people playing homage to Nakayima or Bachwezi a dynasty said to have supernatural powers.

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